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Transform your recruiting with technology solutions

Connect your clients to top talent with staffing agency software that amplifies your team’s efforts.

Staffing agency software for multiple searches
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Put the right foot forward with a branded, customized experience

Customize the applicant experience with a branded careers page to host your clients’ open positions.

Handle multiple searches across teams with ease

Find your balance with the technology to manage multiple searches or clients.

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Improve your outcomes with Applicant Analytics™

Use data to improve processes and outcomes, while leveraging robust reporting to optimize your efforts and shorten time to hire.

Staffing agency recruiting


Ten Ways Staffing Firms Can Benefit From a Private Label ATS

This is an incredibly challenging time for staffing agencies, whose bread and butter is their ability to help companies find employees. 


The Art of Juggling: Staffing Agency Software Solutions

Polish your pitch to future clients and show them your modern recruiting tools to build confidence you’ll deliver top performers.

Become a more effective staffing team with private label recruiting software